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We transformed everything we ever wanted to have in our sound, into pedals that raise the level of your tone.

Artists who use and approve

Duca Tambasco

Mateus Marçal

Moises Henrique

Marcelo Cidrack

Victor Young

Tiago Garcia

Lucas Cortes

Sefer Dillan

Felipe Costa

Dyck Friesen

Anderson Fonseca

Bruno Pividori

Victor Pradella

Silas Fernandes

Sergio Rodrigues


The Kailani Reverb was voted the best reverb pedal developed and produced in Brazil by several respected musicians in the national industry. Click on ‘Learn more’ and discover the universe of possibilities with Kailani.



The Narciso Delay is the best delay pedal option developed and produced in Brazil. It has already been approved by several respected musicians, including Josh from JHS Pedals. Click on ‘Learn more’ and discover the universe of possibilities with Narciso.



Helios Overdrive, a Swiss army knife of overdrives, allows you to create several overdrive stages with varied textures and save your favorite tones. Click on ‘Learn more’ and discover the universe of possibilities with Helios.


About the
VTR Effects

Since he was very young, italo always watched his father, even without training in the area, repairing some equipment at home.

The passion for electronic equipment passed from father to son, making him seek technical training in the area. Still in 2015, our founder was already in the 3rd period of the technical course in electrotechnics and, although the idea of building his own pedal had already crossed his mind, this only really became possible that year with the development of a classic Tube Screamer TS808 clone in a spray-painted Hammond box!

After assembling the first pedal and testing it together with a guitarist friend, this project became something magical, and the idea of creating your brand of pedals began to blossom little by little!


Our warranty is lifetime for the original purchaser, and we also provide full support for those who have purchased our products second-hand. Be sure to check out the warranty section for more detailed information.

Yes, we offer repair services for pedals that have been accidentally damaged. In these cases, we only charge for the replaced parts and do not charge for the labor required to repair it. Our goal is to provide quality and affordable service to ensure you can enjoy your pedals for a long time.

Of course, you have 7 days contemplated by the CDC and we also offer another 7 days for repentance, totaling 15 days.

We offer multiple payment options on our website, including credit card, boleto and PIX. If you want a different payment method, such as dividing the amount between PIX and card, contact us via Whatsapp and we’ll be happy to help.

Our business is focused on keeping a ready stock, which means that your order will be shipped within 3 business days. However, it is important to verify all information on the page and in the shopping cart. If we are carrying out a pre-sale or if there is any delay in shipping, we will make sure to inform you promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Currently, our website uses the Correios shipping system. However, if you prefer that we use another carrier to ship your order, please contact us so that we can check the possibility. We are always willing to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill this request due to different processing fees applied by other platforms. Currently, our business model is structured based on the rates of the receipt system we use.

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